museums working together
to reduce energy costs

The Association of Independent Museums Energy Action Group is providing a new way for UK museums and heritage attractions to cut energy costs and gain energy advice. Working in partnership with DTA Wales and Touchstone Services, the AIM Energy Action Group is providing a way for museums and heritage attractions of all sizes to:

Review energy bills
Work with an energy management company to gain competitive quotes
Join a bulk energy buying basket to reduce costs further

Rising energy costs are an ongoing issue for museums. To move forward as sustainable organisations, museums need to explore ways of reducing energy costs, and ultimately, energy consumption. In the first instance, the AIM Energy Action Group will enable your museum to tackle costs.

All AIM members are welcome to join the scheme and get free, no obligation energy quotes. To find out more, please explore the website. The Energy Buying Group has a proven track record of providing unbeatable quotes for its members, quotes which were otherwise unavailable to individual organisations.

Joining the AIM Energy Action Group is free of charge, and the group will manage all the negotiations in getting the best energy prices for you, leaving you free to run your museum.