museums working together
to reduce energy costs


The Association of Independent Museums is the national body that connects, supports and represents independent museums, galleries and other heritage organisations. AIM provides a thriving network for the independent sector, and our membership ranges from voluntarily run community organisations to some of the largest museums and heritage organisations in the country. We have partnered with DTA Wales and Touchstone Services to deliver an Energy Action Group to the museums sector.

DTA Wales is a membership organisation that promotes and supports the work of community owned and led organisations or development trusts, which operate as social or community enterprises.  As part of its leadership role, DTA Wales has developed the Energy Action Group which is providing development trusts with the opportunity to come together and bulk buy energy.

DTA Wales work with Touchstone Services, an energy management company. Touchstone are able to broker the most competitive energy prices for those that join the scheme both as individual organisations, and as part of a bulk buying basket.

Working in partnership with AIM, it is now possible for museums to join a bulk buying energy scheme through the AIM Energy Action Group and benefit from competitive energy prices.

Joining the AIM Energy Action Group is free of charge, and the group will manage all the negotiations in getting the best energy prices for you, leaving you free to run your museum.