museums working together
to reduce energy costs


Why is the AIM Energy Action Group partnering with DTA Wales and Touchstone Energy Services?

DTA Wales is a non-profit organisation that has researched the market for energy consultants whose work ethic most closely matched their own, which also match those of the Association of Independent Museums. Consequently they have been working with Touchstone Energy Services for two years. Touchstone Energy Services have a proven track-record of getting good deals for clients. Together they also offer advice on how to save money in the future on energy bills and are happy to help with any issues with your suppliers.

What are the benefits of joining the AIM Energy Action Group?

We go to energy suppliers on your behalf and source free no obligation energy quotes:
1. Saving you time
2. Finding you the cheapest quotes
3. Enabling you to get a quote as part of a bulk energy buying group.

What is the AIM Energy Action Group Basket?

The AIM Energy Action Group Basket aims to reduce energy costs to museums through buying energy in bulk. Once museums are part of the AIM Energy Action Group, energy contracts can be aligned to end at the same time. Once energy contracts are aligned, museums can enter a bulk energy buying basket.

Can we save money?

In these difficult economic times, this has to be the most important question. By working with an energy broker joining a group procurement strategy, you will be offered the most competitive energy prices. Every Energy Action Group Basket member will reduce costs both now and in the long term.

How do we join?

Just email us a signed Letter of Authority and a copy of your energy bill for your meters. When we have confirmed your contract details with your supplier, we can let you know when you get your quotes. If you like the quotes and sign the best contract for you – you have joined!

What is a Letter of Authority?

This letter allows us to:
1. Confirm your energy details from your supplier
2. Contact your supplier on your behalf during your renewal period and let them know you do not want to be rolled onto an out of contract rate – or renew your contract – until you have looked at other prices elsewhere. This is called terminating a contract.

If you terminate my contract will they cut off my energy supply?

Terminating the contract just lets your supplier know with plenty of notice that you do not want to be on out of contract deemed rates when your contract ends. If you do not terminate in time you will be put on more expensive rates for a year. Once you have terminated your current contract you can relax and you can look at the alternative quotes we find.

When can we join?

The simple answer is any time. You can join now and get a free no obligation quote as an individual organisation. If you are happy with your quote, you can change your energy supplier. If you would like, we can manage your new contract to complete on the 31st July 2015 and then you can join an energy buying basket and reduce your energy costs further.

We are already in contract; what can we do?

This will be the situation in the majority of cases, commercial contracts are normally secured over a fixed term. You will need to have your contract terminated during its renewal period, which the AIM Energy Action Group can manage for you once you have signed and returned the Letter of Authority. This will enable us to look around for other quotes and will avoid you being rolled over onto more expensive out of contract tariffs. The biggest single complaint received from organisations is that their energy contracts are “rolled over” into new more expensive agreements without their knowledge or say so. By signing a Letter of Authority, you will prevent this from happening. We will make sure that getting the best quote for you is a smooth transition once your existing contracts expire.

Our contract ends in December 2014, so when can we join?

The Energy Basket has been designed specifically to accommodate this scenario. You can join the AIM Energy Action Group as your contract moves towards its renewal period. If you send us the signed Letter of Authority at this point, we can find you a new, no obligation competitive energy quote. If you sign up to a new supplier, you will then be part of the group. We will manage your new contract to complete on the 31st July 2015 and at that point you will receive quotes as part of the bulk buying group.

What is Bill Validation?

Having elected to join the scheme, we will analyse copies of your invoices. We can ensure that the invoice includes the correct information on rates & VAT.

Can we have sustainable energy?

Yes, it is possible to request ‘Green Energy’ quotes.

Our organization is in a Buying Group and/or a Charity Energy Basket?

You can still join the AIM Energy Action Group at any time regardless of whether you are with another broker. We ensure that any current arrangements are honoured and any internal changes are managed efficiently. Completing a “Letter of Authority” is all that is needed to change energy consultants, if you decide that the quotes are right for you. Some of our clients join so they can compare different broker prices. This is commonplace and does not affect any existing utility contracts you have in place with a supplier.

Can the AIM EAG help me if we’re already tied to an energy contracts?

Yes! We can ensure you are paying the correct amount for VAT and Climate Change Levy, as well as making sure that your contracts are properly terminated within the given window. We also provide advice on some of the latest energy saving technologies.