museums working together
to reduce energy costs

how to join

Joining the scheme is easy!

To join the AIM Energy Action group, all you need to do is complete a Letter of Authority and send it, along with a scanned copy of your latest energy bill to the AIM Energy Action Group.

What is the Letter of Authority?

The Letter of Authority gives DTA Wales and Touchstone Services authority to review your current energy bill and negotiate an energy contract on your behalf. To complete the Letter of Authority you need to print a copy onto your organisation’s headed paper, sign it and send a scanned version back to the AIM Energy Action Group, along with a copy of your latest energy bill.

What happens next?

DTA Wales will review your bill, contact your current supplier and check your total usage. When they contact your current supplier they will request that you are not put on a higher tariff as you enter your contract renewal period; this is known as terminating your contract. You might find your current supplier sends a new quote at this point, but you do not need to sign up for a new contract unless you choose to.  If you do decide to change energy suppliers, you will not be cut off!

And then?

Touchstone Services will be in contact with free, no obligation cheaper energy quotes which you can sign up for as an individual organisation.  Following this you will be able to join the energy basket at the next contract end date and enjoy even cheaper energy costs.

Joining the energy basket

To join the energy basket, your contract will be synchronised to 31st July in 2015, 2016 or 2017; the AIM Energy Action group can manage your contract end date if you join the scheme. By joining a bulk energy buying basket, cheaper energy prices can be negotiated.

Download the Letter of Authority and start the ball rolling to get your no obligation, free energy quote.